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    About TEC

    5lac + Happy patients are pillars and Identity of Tej Eye Center Today.  Dr Tejal Dalal led Tej Eye Center are established to prevent and treat avoidable blindness and help people recover from eye problems with compassionate and expert medical care.  TEC has also been awarded “Best Eye Hospital” in Times of India Health Survey.

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    About Dr. Tejal Dalal

    An expert ophthalmologist, an exceedingly successful entrepreneur, diligent social worker and a noble individual, Dr. Tejal Dalal is a name to reckon with the mission “Vision for everyone” and who is the reason behind the eyesight for lacs of people across Gujarat, India and even abroad.

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    Cataract Surgery


    1 . Eye works like camera. Cataract is when clear lens inside the eye becomes cloudy. When it becomes cloudy, you can not see well, like looking through a very dirty window.

    2. cataract surgury is removal of cloudy lens and implantation of artificial intraocular lens.

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    Lasik Surgery


    LASIK (Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) involves the creation of corneal flap in combination with the accuracy of the excimer laser technology to correct the refractive errors – shortsightedness and / or astigmatism by reshaping the cornea so that it’s focusing onto the retina without the use of glasses contact …

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    Glaucoma Surgery


    One of the most common causes for irreversible visual loss is glaucoma. Glaucoma is disease in which there is damage to the nerve fiber layer of the retina that is typically caused by an elevation in the intraocular pressure. It can go undetected until extreme visual loss has taken place.People at risk for glaucoma include those with…

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    Diabetes is a metabolic disorder which interferes with body’s ability to use and store sugar. It usually affects adults in their late forties or fifties. However, these days owing to lifestyle changes even young people can get diabetes. The classic symptoms of diabetes are increased thirst, frequent urination, weight loss…

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    About Team


    Our team is highly skilled and has specialized abilities to do their tasks well. We also ensure that our team members remain highly motivated and enthusiastic throughout the day.

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    We thrive on co-operation and team work. Team work is not magic. But we do our best to get along well with each other and ensure that our patients are taken care of well. We also realize that our work is incomplete without our patient knowledge. We seek co-operation of all the patients so that our understanding of them is complete and reciprocated well.

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    Eye Donation Rally 2013 – Conducted on 10th October, 2013, this eye donation drive was a resounding success. Mainly aimed at creating awareness and removing misconceptions; many people have come forward to pledge their donation and make a difference.

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