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    Will I feel anything during surgery?

    At Tej Eye Centre we use topical (localized) anesthesia before cataract surgery that numbs the eye. Most patients feel only gentle pressure.

    How soon may I leave after surgery?

    Most patients are safe to leave within 30 minutes after the surgery.

    How soon after the cataract surgery, will I able to see?

    In most cases, the patient is able to see almost immediately following the surgery, although some patients experience clear vision after the effect of medicine is given.

    Will I need glasses after cataract surgery?

    You may need to wear glasses only to fine-tune your vision. These spectacles have normal lenses unlike thick lenses used in the past. If unifocal IOL is used, near vision glasses are almost always required.

    Will activities have to be restricted after cataract surgery?

    Normal activities including walking, reading, writing, watching television etc. may be resumed soon after the surgery. However, during the first week after the surgery, it is better to avoid strenuous activities and avoid exposing the eye to water or dust.

    Is there any diet restriction after cataract surgery?

    There are absolutely no diet restrictions after phaco and you can continue with your normal diet. However, diet regulation is advised for patients who have Diabetes, High Blood pressure, etc. They must continue with their recommended diet plans.

    What is Multifocal IOL?

    The latest multifocal IOL are designed to provide good distance vision, intermediate and near vision. They reduce the patient’s dependence on glasses for routine activities. Unlike conventional IOL, it has multiple zones of different focal lengths that bring everything from near to far into clear focus. These lenses can be used only for suitable patients.

    I see great at a distance, but why can't I read without glasses?

    Your implant is a single-focus lens. If your lens was chosen for distance vision, you will need reading glasses for close range work. Some patients choose to have one eye focused for close vision so they can read without glasses. However, this may compromise distance vision. Patients who require precise distance vision do best with both eyes focused for distance and reading glasses for near.

    May I drive myself home after surgery?

    It is not recommended, although some patients who see well out of their other eye and have not had any medication may drive.

    How long will my implant last?

    The intraocular lens is placed permanently in your eye and will not “wear out”.

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