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    • Take this self-quiz on computer eye strain and computer vision syndrome.

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      Age *

      Gender *

      The Frequent computer digital screen you use: *
      Ordinary Computer ScreenLaptopTablet/iPad/NoteAndroid MobileApple Mobile (iPad)

      How many hours do you spend on your digital screen? *
      < 1 h1-2 h2-3 h3-4 h4-6 h> 6 h

      How many hours you spend watching your screen in dark-room ? *
      < 1 h1-2 h2-3 h3-4 h4-6 h> 6 hChoice 7

      The hours you spend on your digital screen are : *

      To what level you illuminate your digital screen (brightness) in room light ? *
      < 10%11%-25%26%-50%51%-75%76%-100%

      Are you spending most of the your screen time during the day or during the night ? *
      The dayThe night

      Do you have any of the following symptoms ? *
      HeadachesFatigueDry eyesBlurred visionEye strainDouble visionNeck/shoulder/back painsEye redness and irritationDifficulty refocusing the eyes

      Do you have a previously diagnosed Dry Eye Diseas ? *

      Are you using any topical eye drops for this dry eye ? *

      Do you have any refractive errors ? *
      YesNoI don't know

      Are you wearing glasses or contact lenses ? *

      Describe the details of objects you see after prolonged hours on your digital screen : *

      After using my smart phone for prolonged hours, I am complaining of : *
      Joint pain in my fingers and wristsInability to hold objects wellDifficulty to write using the penShoulders painNone

      How many years did you spent this way on the screen : *
      Nearly 1 yearNearly 2 yearNearly 3 yearNearly 4 year> 5 years

      I am frequently using : *
      Touch ScreenTouch-padNote penMouse and keyboard

      Are you usually studying MEDICINE using : *

      Do you feel that the digital screen affects your life style and eye health ? *

      Are you willing to decrease your screen hours to guard against CVS ? *

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