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  • Take this self-quiz on computer eye strain and computer vision syndrome.

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    Age *

    Gender *

    The Frequent computer digital screen you use: *
    Ordinary Computer ScreenLaptopTablet/iPad/NoteAndroid MobileApple Mobile (iPad)

    How many hours do you spend on your digital screen? *
    < 1 h1-2 h2-3 h3-4 h4-6 h> 6 h

    How many hours you spend watching your screen in dark-room ? *
    < 1 h1-2 h2-3 h3-4 h4-6 h> 6 hChoice 7

    The hours you spend on your digital screen are : *

    To what level you illuminate your digital screen (brightness) in room light ? *
    < 10%11%-25%26%-50%51%-75%76%-100%

    Are you spending most of the your screen time during the day or during the night ? *
    The dayThe night

    Do you have any of the following symptoms ? *
    HeadachesFatigueDry eyesBlurred visionEye strainDouble visionNeck/shoulder/back painsEye redness and irritationDifficulty refocusing the eyes

    Do you have a previously diagnosed Dry Eye Diseas ? *

    Are you using any topical eye drops for this dry eye ? *

    Do you have any refractive errors ? *
    हांनहींI don&#039;t know

    Are you wearing glasses or contact lenses ? *

    Describe the details of objects you see after prolonged hours on your digital screen : *

    After using my smart phone for prolonged hours, I am complaining of : *
    Joint pain in my fingers and wristsInability to hold objects wellDifficulty to write using the penShoulders painNone

    How many years did you spent this way on the screen : *
    Nearly 1 वर्षNearly 2 वर्षNearly 3 वर्षNearly 4 वर्ष> 5 साल

    I am frequently using : *
    Touch ScreenTouch-padNote penMouse and keyboard

    Are you usually studying MEDICINE using : *

    क्या आपको लगता है कि डिजिटल स्क्रीन आपकी जीवन शैली और आंखों के स्वास्थ्य को प्रभावित करता है,,en,क्या आप सीवीएस से बचाव के लिए अपनी स्क्रीन के घंटे को कम करने के लिए तैयार हैं,,en ? *

    Are you willing to decrease your screen hours to guard against CVS ? *

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