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  • Email : contact@tejeyecenter.com | Call : +91-9924088500 | 079-23245126

    Where is Tej Eye Center Located?

    It is located in Sector 7-C, Near Bus Depot, Gandhinagar. It is only 15-16 Kms from Ahmedabad Airport and 30 Kms from Ahmedabad City.

    What facilities are available for out of town patients?

    - Airport pick up and drop off facility is available when notified in advanced.

    - For over night stay, our staff can help you arrange for accommodation in hotels like Camp Bay Spa, Gandhinagar, but overnight stay is not required in Cataract, LASIK or Anti Glaucoma surgeries. In Most cases it is safe for you to return home  the same day.

    What types of payment options are available?

    We accept cash or cashless insurance policies. All payment must be paid at the time of the surgery. Unfortunately, we do not accept any payments by cheque.

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      Vision for Everyone Drive. Donate your eye glasses Call : +91 9924088500 | Miss Call : 0803 0636 480
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