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    Tej Eye Center is the most modern Microsurgery center with latest technologically advanced equipment which assure patients of excellent, safe and predictable visual outcomes.

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      Our center is equipped with the latest :

      • Surgical Microscope OPMI VISU 160 by Carl Zeiss Germany.To perform microsurgery.
      • INFINITI® Vision System machine with Ozil® Technology from Alcon USA for micro incision cataract surgery.
      • Ocuscan – Alcon, USA. For precise intraocular lens power calculation using immersion mode.
      • Slit Lamp – Carl Zeiss, Germany. Microscope examination of eye under illumination and magnification.
      • Applanation Tonometer – Inami, Japan. Measures intraocular pressure, a gold standard for intraocular pressure Measurement technique.
      • Perimeter, Zeiss Humphrey Field Analyzer.To evaluate field of Vision.
      • Shin Nippon CT -1000 Corneal Topographer, Japan. To evaluate curvature of cornea for keratoconus, Lasik surgery & irregular cornea.
      • Auto Refractometer – Inami, Japan.Computerized testing for eye glasses.
      • Pachymeter – Sonomed, USA. To measure of central corneal thickness.
    • Cataract Management

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    • Vision for Everyone Drive

      Vision for Everyone Drive. Donate your eye glasses Call : +91 9924088500 | Miss Call : 0803 0636 480
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    • Optical Store

      Tej eye center has started a unique in-house eye wear division that retails high quality lenses and frames designed...
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